woensdag 8 juli 2009

Candidacy board member Wikimedia Foundation

This year the Wikimedia community will elect three members to the board of the Wikimedia Foundation. Three positions because a) the one-year term of Ting Cheng (Wing) ended, Ting was elected in 2008, and is candidate again b) Kat Walsh (Mindspillage) two year term has ended, she was elected in 2007, to date it is unknown if Kat will renominate herself and c) the term of Domas Mituzas has ended - he has been appointed, not elected a year ago, and to date it is unknown if Domas will renominate himself.

A year ago I was also candidate, and ended 5 out of 15. My motivation was clear: I was a member of an important board committee, while not on the full board. I wanted to test community support for that position. I recommitted myself to the audit committee for another year a few months ago, so again I nominate myself in this election.

Voters will have the opportunity to vote for as many candidates as they like. For continuity reasons I would urge anyone to vote for Kat, Domas and Ting if they do renominate themselves. There are already five persons on the board who weren't a board member when I started as a member of the audit committee back in January 2007.

In the past year I attended several meetings organized by the Dutch chapter, including Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland. I attended the four day Wikimedia Conferences 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Of course, I attended all audit committee meetings (teleconferences), and I was lucky to meet Stu West and Michael Snow in Berlin, as well as Sue Gardner, people I had only been speaking to on the phone and had e-mail conversations with.

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