vrijdag 26 september 2014

Seek, sense, share resources

This weeks module 4 in the Stanford Online course OpenKnowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning is not only about copyleft and economics of open, but also about Open Education. Just this week President Obama highlights Open Education in a speech to U.N. and updates the U.S. National Action Plan in the Open Government Partnership.

The course requires to seek, sense and share resources, and bookmark them at Diigo. I have found a range of resources about Open Education and Open Educational Resources from the Netherlands. Those are listed below, including a couple of other links. At least there is written a lot about OE&OER in the Netherlands.

1.    Congress 11/12 november 2014, SURF "Dé Onderwijsdagen 2014"

2.    Minister of Education approves online education, funds grants for MOOCs http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/ministeries/ocw/nieuws/2014/01/09/groen-licht-voor-online-onderwijs.html

3.    Letter to parliament about "open and online education" http://www.tweedekamer.nl/kamerstukken/brieven_regering/detail.jsp?id=2014Z00158&did=2014D00277

4.    Report SURF "Open en online onderwijs en de toekomst van het Nederlandse hoger onderwijs" Four scenarios in a 2 by 2 matrix  - disruptive innovation

5.    SURF pages about open and online education

8.    SURF Special Interest Group (SIG) Open Education

9.    LinkedIn "Dutch special interest group Open Educational Resources"

10.  E-learn Weblog of Willem van Valkenburg, tags: open education

13.  Megan Simmons "Surf Lessons for Educational Innovators" (I was facilitating a workshop recently with a group of brilliant educators who were tasked with imagining the next phase of their collaborative work. Despite engaging them in various improv and design-thinking activities to encourage them to open up, take risks, and explore new possibilities, they were stuck.)

14.  Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education

15.  Paul Stacey "Economics of Open", includes business case for Open Educational Resources, and an OER "logic model" http://edtechfrontier.com/2012/03/04/the-economics-of-open/

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