vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Who needs a publisher?

Week 5 of #okmooc

The Stanford University online course OpenKnowledge Changing the Global Course of Learning fall 2014 has proceeded to module 5 in week 5.

We have seen a video of John Willinsky. In the courseware discussion forum I have posted a lengthy evaluation.

Bottom line about 'open access' for me this week: everyone can self publish on the WorldWideWeb. Who needs a publisher? Among my classmates I have identified ten who have started a digital project for this course. Those are on the most ambitious track for this course regarding statement of accomplishment.

In the table below you'll find links to their projects. These people come from eight different countries from four continents. I really have to identify classmates from Asia and Australia with their digital projects to claim that I'm in a global class:)

Twitter handle Twitter name First name Surname Country Digital project URL
@mariekeguy mariekeguy Marieke Guy UK Open Knowledge
@RobinMelina Embarkóloga Robin Melina Chile Destiny hunter
@rogergsweden Roger Gustafsson Roger Gustafsson Sweden Open Knowledge
@Blondegirlfrnd C2thY2thN n/a n/a n/a Anthropologist
@iKbaker  Kim Baker Kim Baker South Africa Literacist
@JuliaEducadora Julia Echeverría Julia Echeverría Spain e-Learning
@dgslack Dan Slack Daniel Slack USA English teacher
@Dave171044 Dave Young Dave Young Zimbabwe Mentor
@Fabrizio_Terzi Fabrizio Terzi Fabrizio Terzi Italy Peeragogue
@FedericoMonaco Federico Monaco Federico Monaco Italy e-Learning & Knowledge

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  1. Dear Ad, I love the project you are doing for this course, personally I'm past due status with this issue, but I think creating a blog specifically for this course is not a bad idea.
    I leave you some addresses of places I heal and my professional blog content, maybe you can add to your list.
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