donderdag 18 mei 2017

Theory and u.lab

Follow me on my journey through Theory U and u.lab. I followed the u.lab 0.x and u.lab 1.x courses in the Fall of 2016, and I attended off line sessions at Impact Hub Amsterdam. I have read Theory U by Otto Scharmer, as well as Leading from the emerging future. I have read Presence, Synchronicity. I am going to read Source. I have read 'Organisatieontwikkeling in de praktijk' by Friedrich Glasl, a book published in 1975 with a description of the U-process developed  at NPI.

In January 2017 I organized a one and half hour workshop at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment about Theory U, mimicking a u.lab session. In February 2017 I started (co)hosting a u.lab with a handful participants from several ministries asynchronous with u.lab 1.x. In April 2017 I joined the Amsterdam group again for live sessions of u.lab 2.x. My intention is to host a hub in September 2017 synchronous with u.lab 1.x. I registered for hubhost training in Edinburgh in June 2017 and for the Presencing Foundation Program in Berlin in July 2017.

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